3 Benefits of Cast Aluminium Carport Columns and Patio Columns


verandah columns


Cast aluminium is increasingly becoming the most preferred choice for homeowners looking for a quality material for their carport columns, patio columns or verandah columns. The reason is quite simple – columns are an important aspect of the exteriors of any home. So, it’s important to consider the durability and appearance of material you want to use for your carport columns or verandah columns. Cast Aluminium is one of the few effective options in the market that don’t just provide the required structural support to the building but also drastically enhance the appearance of outdoor spaces.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Cast Aluminium columns:

  1. Strong and Lightweight: When it comes to any exterior column, it’s important that you consider its strength above everything else. Making a wrong choice can prove to be fatal in this case. It can even result in property collapse, injuries and other damage to the property. Aluminium carport columns and patio columns are known for their exceptional ‘load bearing’ capacity. They can provide unmatched support to overhangs and balconies. Another great thing about Aluminium patio columns and verandah columns is that they are extremely lightweight. Thus means that you can save money on shipping and installation costs.
  1. Plenty of Options: When you shop for your Aluminium carport columns and patio columns at Colonial Castings, you can access a huge variety of outdoor columns in a number of different styles and colours. You can choose from styles, such as Corinthian Capital, Doric Capital, small square capital, round base, large square base, round fluted base and capital base for round columns, to name a few.
  1. Versatile: Versatility is an important quality of Aluminium outdoor columns that is also responsible for their tremendous popularity in Australian construction industry. Carport columns, patio columns and verandah columns made of cast Aluminium can be successfully used in a variety of buildings. This includes commercial and residential properties as well as public properties. Since Aluminium products comes in a huge variety of styles and looks, it has become a popular choice for restaurants, hotels and churches as well.

For more information on choosing cast aluminium outdoor columns for your needs, feel free to contact Colonial Castings today!