3 Tips to Choose the Right Patio Columns

When choosing the right patio columns for their homes, the main confusions homeowners generally face are about materials, colours and details. Aluminium has made some huge strides in the recent past. Modern technology and manufacturing processes have enabled aluminium patio columns to have an aesthetically stunning look and an unrivalled durability that make them last for years and years without any major maintenance requirements. Aluminium patio columns are less expensive than other options like wood, and they can be made to match the look of wood or the aesthetics of your house effortlessly.

  1. Design: The most common designs for patio columns in Australia are square, round or rectangular. An important thing to remember here is that you should always try to match your columns’ design to the architectural style of your property. Size is another important consideration while buying patio columns. For instance if you’ve a large porch and you’ve opted for thin columns, it would look disproportional and may not be sufficient to support the roofing structure. The right size aluminium columns are a great way to improve the overall curb appeal of your property.
  1. Details: At trusted suppliers of aluminium patio columns in Australia, such as Colonial Castings, you’ll find a great selection of columns in maintenance-free finishes. One of the most overlooked aspects of patio columns is their edge details. Choosing columns with edge details to match your design can have a huge positive impact on the overall look of your house.
  1. Load Bearing Capacity: Aluminium patio columns come in different load bearing capacities and are a wonderful great way to support the roof. Aluminium columns have one of the highest load bearing capacities. So, if your existing patio columns have developed some defects over the years, it’s a great opportunity to replace them with stunning and durable aluminium columns. Most often, replacing your columns makes much more sense than fixing defects, and installing columns is much easier than you might think.


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