5 Tips to Maintain Your Aluminium Patio Furniture

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Cast aluminium has become one of the most popular materials for patio furniture in Australia, and for a good reason. Cast aluminium is quite versatile and extremely durable, and need little to no maintenance during its lifetime. Contrary to iron products, aluminium outdoor Furniture doesn’t undergo any type of corrosion. There’s a unique quality of aluminium that makes it the best material for outdoor furniture and carport columns. Aluminium forms a thin layer of aluminium oxide when it’s exposed to atmospheric oxygen. This microscopic layer protects it from any type of deterioration.

Cast aluminium outdoor furniture is a reliable choice if you’re looking for something that can withstand extreme weather conditions and doesn’t have any major maintenance needs. Let’s have a look at a few care and maintenance tips for your cast aluminium patio furniture.

  1. Cast aluminium is the purest and most durable form of aluminium. What makes it stand out is its manufacturing process. Casting is a process where cast pieces are produced by pouring molten aluminium into moulds. Though you do not need to cover aluminium products like outdoor furniture made from other materials, it’s recommended that when not in use, try to keep it in cover or shed.
  2. Some of the aluminium products come with a special coating for further protection and improved aesthetic appeal. This coating also protects the surface from scratches and other minor surface defects. While it protects the underlying aluminium surface, the coating can get itself scratched if not looked after properly. So, keep an eye out for minor chips and cracks, and get them repaired immediately.
  3. Though aluminium is rust proof, the upper layer can get oxidized. This can lead to some discolouration. To remove slight discolouration, you can wash your aluminium patio furniture with soap, water and a mild acid, such as vinegar or lemon juice which you can find easily in your home. Make sure to wash your outdoor furniture before you decide to store it for winters.

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Image Source: Jeff Edmond / Flickr