5 Ways to Keep Your Carport Columns in Perfect Condition

Here’s a question we hear a lot: “How to prolong the life of carport columns”.  After all, the integrity of whole carport structure solely depends on the resilience of carport columns. So, a carport column is one of the most important structural elements.  The best thing you can do is choose a resilient material for your carport columns so that they need minimal maintenance during their lifetime.

At Colonial Castings, aluminium carport columns are one of our specialised products. And our unmatched expertise enable us to provide you the highest quality cast aluminium products you can find anywhere in Australia. If you’ve decided to invest in aluminium carport columns, you’ve already made a great decision.

Aluminium carport columns can be maintained in a number of easy ways. Let’s have a look:

  1. Aluminium is rust-free. So, the carport columns made from cast aluminium need virtually no maintenance. You can keep the exterior clean and shiny by just washing them with hot water on occasional basis. Mineral spirits and ammonia are also some good cleaning agents.
  1. You can use warm soapy water to clean the interior of your carport columns. Ammonia and hot water treatment works great as well.
  1. After thoroughly cleaning the columns, apply wax to restore their original shine as well as to provide them further protection.
  1. Make sure you keep the roof neat and clean as well. Periodically removing excess debris from the roof will not only ensure that the structure remains in good condition, this will also gives you a peace of mind that the roof is free from any unfamiliar objects.
  1. Lastly, try to keep the whole structure clean and tidy. Wash the concrete floor on regular basis. Remove beehives and cobwebs as often as you can to keep your carport structure in tip top condition.


So, maintaining your aluminium carport columns is a cakewalk after all. If you’d like to buy high quality carport columns or you’ve any questions regarding cast aluminium carport columns, feel free to contact the experts at Colonial Casting. For more guidance, visit Colonial Castings and check out the most extensive range of cast aluminium carport columns in Australia.