Cast Aluminium or Wrought Iron: Which Is a Better Choice for Outdoor Furniture?

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Choosing the right outdoor furniture and other products like outdoor lights is a daunting task especially when there are so many options available these days. Picking the right outdoor pieces for you will actually depend on many factors such as – your budget, maintenance requirements and the decor you want to achieve with these products.


Why Cast Aluminium Is Good For Your Outdoors?

Cast aluminium offers a unique combination of beauty and strength. Cast aluminium products such as outdoor furniture and outdoor lights are rust-proof and weatherproof, and they come in a variety of elegant finishes. These are the traits that make cast aluminium products tremendously popular among homeowners in Australia.

Secondly, cast aluminium products are very lightweight, and more durable than items made from other metals. In most cases, cast aluminium items last a lifetime. So, you’ll have to make a small investment for just once, when you buy them. The powder coat finish that you can find on many cast aluminium products makes them even more resilient, stunning and durable. Unlike other types of outdoor products, cast aluminium furniture and lights are very easy to maintain as well. With some simple maintenance procedures, you can maintain their brand-new look for years to come.


Benefits of Wrought Iron and Why is it Declining In Popularity

Wrought iron furniture is a great choice to achieve a classic look, and it can be made to fit modern settings too. Wrought iron products require some level of maintenance to maintain their original appeal. One of the major downsides of wrought iron is that it’s costlier than aluminium. Although wrought iron products are very durable, they tend to develop scratches and chips over time.

In conclusion, we can safely say that cast aluminium is a far better investment. Elegant and distinctive, cast aluminium products have successfully incorporated the classic cast iron designs, but with a modern twist and at a lower cost.

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Image Source: Raphael Andrade / Flickr