Preserving the Beauty of Your Wrought Iron Furniture

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Wrought iron furniture has always had this magical charm about them, which is actually why so many residential and commercial establishment owners love having them in their properties. What they sometimes fail to realize are the different challenges and process that these went through before they became beautiful and functional pieces.

The mining, the treatment processes, even the fabrication and manufacture are just some of the major processes that they went through, and all these entail hard work from all people involved. Taking this into consideration, it is only right that we owners do our best to take care of our wrought iron furniture to show our appreciation for the metal and people behind it.

There are different ways that you can take care and prolong the life of your wrought iron furniture. If you ask the manufacturer or retailer, you may find that they have different answers to the same question. Still, there are general guidelines that they will all agree on, and some of them includes the following.

  • When it comes to wrought iron furniture used inside the house, you will want to dust them regularly or wipe them down with a damp rag if the dust gets too thick. Be sure to wipe it down again with a dry rag afterwards.
  • For more stubborn dirt and stains, use a soft cloth and warm water with mild detergent to get them off. Never use an abrasive cleaner since this will scratch the surface of the wrought iron and even remove the protective coating.
  • Wrought iron furniture which are used in the outdoors may require a different mode of maintenance, although it shouldn’t be very difficult. For starters, don’t let your wrought iron furniture be exposed to the elements, especially rain since moisture will cause it to rust.
  • Try to look for wrought iron furniture that have weather resistant capabilities, as this will help them withstand weather elements better and thus be of use for longer.
  • Also, try to apply some car wax onto your wrought iron furniture regularly. This will further enhance the weather resistant properties of the said furniture – it will even help to prolong the lifespan not only the furniture but its protective coating as well.
  • If your wrought iron furniture has any moving parts (i.e. rollers on your table’s legs) you should keep them well-greased. This is true especially for the parts where metal meets metal.

There are many other things that you can do in order to ensure that your wrought iron furniture will stay beautiful and functional for many years to come. If you’re looking for wrought iron furniture for your indoor and outdoor living spaces, please feel free to get in touch with us through (02) 9604 8222. You can also visit our showroom Mondays to Saturdays or talk with any of the distributors.



Image Source: Jeff Edmond / Flickr