Welcome To Colonial Castings’ New Blog: An Overview of Aluminium Outdoor Furniture

cast aluminium outdoor furniture


All of us are constantly looking for ways to make our outer living space look better. After all, it’s where we spend a large portion of our time, and it is where we come to relax and have some fun after a hard day at work. Such a space only deserves the best of furniture.

When looking for the best outdoor furniture, there are a few elements you will have to consider:

  • Looks
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Cost

The one material that will give you the best experience, keeping all the above elements in consideration, is aluminium. Once you purchase cast aluminium outdoor furniture, you will definitely not want to go back to any other material!

At Colonial Castings, we use the finest cast aluminium to make our products; be it the patio furniture, garden furniture or railing components. Each piece is designed and crafted with attention and care, so that your furniture is maintenance-free and long lasting, for the best possible experience.

Some people think that aluminium cannot be used for outdoor furniture, but the truth is that it is the best possible material for this use. Here are some of the reasons why you should make the switch immediately:

  • You will get designer quality outdoor furniture for extremely competitive prices.
  • No matter what your personal style, or the décor of your house, you will find something that will match your needs.
  • You will not have to do anything extra to keep the furniture clean- all you have to do is clean it with soapy water or a damp cloth. You don’t even have to worry about rust.


About Colonial Castings

Our business runs on the belief that cast aluminium outdoor furniture is the best long-term solution for those looking for something different and unique for their homes. We have a wide range of outdoor furniture, outdoor lighting, railing components, friezes, columns and letterboxes to name a few- all made of highest quality aluminium.

Go through our website to pick out all the pieces that would suit your taste. We cannot wait for our furniture to adorn your garden!